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Stock Calculator

Stock profit calculator to calculate the total profit or loss on any stock that you buy and sell. The simple stock calculator has options for buying price and selling price as well as trading commissions for each trade. Many online stock brokers now offer commission free trades, so you may leave the trading comission as $0 if you are with one of these brokers.

Stock Profit Calculator

Enter the buy price, sell price and number of shares to calculate your stock profit. The symbol, buy and sell commissions are optional. Many major online stock brokers are now offering $0 commission in trading stocks.

Stock Calculator

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Stock Profit Calculator Results

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How to Calculate Stock Profit

Here is the formula on how to calculate stock profit (our stock market profit calculator uses this exact formula).
1. Total Buy Price = shares * buy price + commissions
2. Total Sell Price = shares * sell price + commission
3. Total Profit or Loss = Total Buy Price - Total Sell Price

If you own multiple stocks and want to calculate the average price, please use the Average Down Calculator.

How to Make Money in Stocks

Make money in the stock market is tough, to increase your odds of making a profit, read the following books on how to make money in stocks.
1. How to Make Money in Stocks

2. The Intelligent Investor

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